Monday, 18 November 2019
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Chris Harmat 2013 Update

Check out the video.

This is random putted together so it looks like it was all on one day, but its all filmed in the past 6 months. It shows a bit of progression that he made on a few new things.

Gaza Parkour And Free Running 2013

Check out the video.

This is the first part of Gaza Parkour And Free Running 2013. Stay tuned for the second part of the video.

Boss Mode

Check out the video.

Pasha aka The Boss is now part of Team Farang, but you can't be part of Farang without going to Bangkok! So they got this badass a flight and went shooting for a week straight as soon as he arrived.

Check out the video.

Check out Jim's new 2013 freerunning mix. He is dedicating it to all of his friends and especially everyone who helped him with this video. Watch more on the following channel here

Freerun The World EP.1 - Mexico

Check out the video.

The World Travel Series like you've never seen before! Members of the 3RUN Team travel out to Mexico, invited to shoot and action direct a commercial with incredible local talent. Meeting up with members of 3RUN FAMILY MEXICO, ARGENTINA, USA and Ukraine!

Check out the video.

Assasin's Creed meets Parkour in real life.

Videos used to produce the current edit are the following:

"Unbounded Motion -

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