Tuesday, 28 March 2023


  • This is a social networking platform that is built around the concept of a common grounds communication tool based on the unified love and care people of the world show and share for the extreme sports.


  • XBalance's administration being extreme sports fans themselves for the last few decades have realized that the passion they propagate for the sport they do carry common terms of ideas, concepts and philosophy regarding most of the extreme sports in general. This in effect is the cornerstone of the joined effort in building a web site based on the aforementioned standards. Working with these ideas gave birth to the concept of providing the extreme sport fans and doers their own right to do stuff on the net free of charge.


  • By providing the ability for XBalance's members to publish their own videos, their own images and news, while giving them the ability to find their old friends and make new ones, we can show that by integrating powers and building new communication paths we can enhance our ability to do more things, shape the future and development of our favorite sport while covering our daily informational extreme sport pleasure and social intake.


  • Having also in mind the industry surrounding the extreme sports we have built a separate section regarding that market. A member can publish and help build the online catalog consisting of shops, brands, distributors, suppliers and entertainment businesses in general. This will help viewers find specific information of businesses that provide stuff like foot ware, apparel and accessories so that they can easily get in touch with them. It will also help build and add value to the reputation and online reach of  these businesses whether they are small or big, new or old, with no extra cost.


  • We expect to build a digital knowledge base that can tutor new comers to the world of extreme sports, provide help among its members, support the communication and dialogue between them, raise issues and concerns regarding various fields and subjects, organize agendas, all of these in an unbiased manner, by the people, for the people.


  • If you feel that this is something that expresses you in some way, then you are already a member of this joined effort without you knowing it, we would kindly suggest to join us now.

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Join us today and start building the online extreme sport community.

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