Friday, 2 June 2023

BogiatiLand - Friends Section

This is the Friends section from Bogiatiland's debut full length BMX video titled "When the week Ends". Good friends on and off their bikes always happy to have sessions!

Riders are Lolos Papajim, Nicholas Goumas, Vagellis Dimosthenous, Nikos Baladoros, Apostolis Maroussis, Anas,Spyros Tiniakos, George Bontof Kalomenidis, Dimitris Chatzoglou, Iason Eustathiou, Dimos Ganiatsas, Vasilis Antoniou, Vasilis Sapounas, Dani Pouliounakis, Nikos Karamolegos,Nikos Kallianis and Manolis "the man" Katsibris. 

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