Saturday, 23 February 2019

Doorstep is an independent project filmed and edited by Zach Krejams and Jeff Zielinski and features their local crew of homies from Long Beach, California, and beyond. The premise of the video was simpl, the streets are at your Doorstep. So naturally the video was shot almost entirely in the LB / LA area. Filmed over a span of four years, Doorstep features full sections from a unique cast of riders who all have varying BMX industry backgrounds including Aaron Bostrom, Ben Ward, Garrett Reeves, Jeff Zielinski, Ryan Fudger, and Zach Krejmas.

Aaron Bostrom - 0:12
Ryan Fudger – 2:56
LA Mix One “Midwest Homies”– 6:05
Garrett Reeves – 8:54
Aaron Brenner, Tony Neyer, David Grant, Shawn McIntosh - 11:15
Ben Ward – 15:00
LA Mix 2 – 20:00
Jeff Zielinski – 23:46
Zach Krejmas – 27:14
Ender Mix – 30:14

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