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CU 7Ply Project 2012

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Start Time: 
Sat, 19/05/2012 - 10:00
End Time: 
Sun, 20/05/2012 - 23:00

The 7Ply project celebrates 7 years and moves back to it's hometown. The biggest skate event taking place in Greece this year will include three qualifying stops in the public skatepark of Larisa, in the city of Patra on a street set up and in the CU plaza in Athens. This stops will determine 28 skaters that will skate the final of the CU@stairs street contest. Skaters from abroad can enter directly the semifinals on the festival location on the Saturday 18 of May.

Skaters from north Greece will compete in Larisa, skaters from west and south Greece will compete in Patra and then skaters from Athens will compete at the CU plaza. 6 skaters from each stop will go to the semifinals and 10 more will be chosen depending on their overall performance and participation.

No matter where you are from and which qualifying stop goes with your region anyone can enter any qualifying stop and gain extra points that can lead him up on the scale! This is the first time that they attempt to apply this tournament format in the organization and they are really excited that more people will be offered the chance to participate and then more people will be able to enjoy some ripping skateboarding.

Check out more at CU 7Ply Project 2012 official website here


Vilka Thessaloniki
26th October
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