Tuesday, 17 July 2018

In order to view a specific location weather information you need to be registered and logged in. You can register using the registration form here.

  • You can have a weather block showing your favorite location weather information such as temperature, wind, humidity and so on every time you log in the website.
  • You may add one by clicking on 'My weather' button located on the top side of your profile page. In order to get to your profile page click on the 'My Information' item in the 'My menu' block.
  • There you will have a 'Create new location' link and by clicking on it you will be presented the form to add a specific location weather. Fill the information regarding the location and the type of weather elements you want to include and hit 'Save configuration' button.
  • When successfully saving the configuration you will notice a block at the right hand side bar showing the weather information you have selected.
  • You may also include more that one weather blocks, these will be shown one under the other on the right hand side bar of the website when you are logged in.
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