Wednesday, 7 June 2023

In order to have adrenaline points on the website you need to be registered and logged in. You may register using the registration form here. 

  • The adrenaline of each member is increased by adding new content. For this a member must be a moderator of a specific sport, event, forum topic, poll or just be an authenticated (registered) member that shares shouts. The list of adrenaline points taken based on the type of information shared is shown in the following list:
  • Shout +1 points.
  • Forum topic +1 points.
  • Poll +1 points.
  • News +1 points.
  • Event +2 points.
  • Images +2 points.
  • Video +3 points.
  • Market +5 points.
  • Notice that when a member is deleting a type of content that had shared earlier the amount of points subtracted are equal to the amount of points given when added the content in the first place.

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