Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Tips to keep your skateboard in shape

  • The Deck. The deck will generally take a lot of abuse but will occasionally need to be replaced. To avoid having to replace your deck use extra care to ensure that the deck remains dry at all time. If your board gets wet dry it as soon as possible. Wooden decks will warp if submerged in water and over time will develop cracks and splits. If the deck is cracked or split it is essential that you replace it by getting a new one.

  • The Grip Tape. Keep an eye on the condition of the grip tape. You will want to keep it as free from debris as possible. You can use a stiff bristle brush to whisk away the dirt that is caught in the grit of the tape. You can use a mild detergent and water as long as you remember to dry the board immediately after you are done. If your tape is in really bad shape you may wish to replace it. You may find however, that you cannot get the old tape off of the board. A good trick is to use a blow dryer to warm the tape. Try to pry an edge or a corner loose and continue to heat the tape as it pulls from the board. If you are successful in removing the tape you can then simply replace it with new tape.

  • The Truck Mounting. Be sure to regularly check the condition of the wheel mountings. Skateboards endure a lot of vibration when being used that can cause elements of the truck to loosen up. If something should come apart while the board is in use it's either than you will ruin your board's binding holes or get into some kind of an accident. Check all bolts and nuts to be sure they are tight. Be careful that you do not over tighten these parts. Tighten loose nuts and bolts until you encounter resistance and then stop. Also be sure to check the rubber bushings and the pivot caps for wear and tear. These parts take a lot of abuse and may need to be replaced often.

  • The Wheels and Bearings. Be sure that the wheels on the skateboard are tightened properly. Check the condition of the wheels to be sure that they are smooth and even. If the wheels show signs of wear and appear uneven or worn down you should replace them immediately. The bearings will need to be cleaned or replaced if the wheels are not moving freely. Some types of bearings can be removed and cleaned and others will just need to be replaced. If you are skating a lot then it is recommended to change your bearing sets once or twice a year.

  • Lubrication. Check all moving parts of a skateboard regularly to be sure that they are moving freely. If they are not you may need to lube the parts. Without proper lubrication parts will grind together and wear out much more quickly. Be sure to use a lube that is made for skateboards. Some general lubes will just catch the dirt and draw it into your moving parts.

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