Saturday, 25 June 2022

Issue #4

Hi Subscriber,

The fourth issue of XBalance's newsletters is out now and oh boy, lemme tell you there has been a lot going on the last couple of weeks! First off, we got plenty of new snowboard full movies to share, yeah it's the 'get stoked' season apparently. Then, we searched for the most mesmerizing and fresh surf videos out there and we got some unique gems unlike anything else so far. There's also a new 2018 DK Freerunning video, showcasing his latest new moves. From style sk8 tricks in Paris we cover the heaviest and fastest hammers East and West coast on some new skateboarding flicks. We have gathered the most awesome stuff that has been going on lately around the globe. We know that you love spending time watching extreme sport content online, so here is the most recent stuff we favored. The top picked list contained in this issue is:


DK - Parkour & Freerunning 2018

DK aka Dimitris Kyrsanidis strikes back in the late 2018 with a fresh and elaborate new film including lots of new tricks and bringing more experience in it than ever. We just love watching him unfolding his flow and style. Can't wait for more!


Into The Mind - Ft. Johny Salido

"The idea of traveling to Colorado to film a video first came to our minds on December 2017. Something that just started as an idea, became what has been the greatest project we have ever created. My name is Juan Diego Salido, I am Mexican mountain biker and this is the story of my latest project with my brother and filmmaker Juan Diego DeLaPeña."


Oh Là Là Paname

From Notre-Dame to République and everywhere in between, "Oh Là Là Paname" follows adidas team through the the streets of Paris. Combining the power of Magnus Bordewick with the spontaneity of Heitor Da Silva alongside the style of Lucas Puig and wizardry of Gustav Tønnesen, Oh Là Là takes focus on one of Europes most iconic skateboard cities.



A new surf film featuring creator and innovator Brendon Gibbens.


The Future of Yesterday - Full Movie

The Future of Yesterday is here in 4K quality. The highly anticipated Cozy Bois’s full movie arrived. Get stoked watching this.


Josh Wilson's "Mother" Part

Josh attacks East Coast ‘crete with power and finesse. His POP is kind of a big deal, baby.



We follow Tom Bottom on his most recent epic surf film 'Suprematia'. We also need to note there is a pretty good feeling watching this and getting inspired as well as becoming a little bit trippy by his cinematography. Good stuff indeed!


Canal New York - Mode

The new New York. Watch these dudes rip up every borough. Filmed and edited by Esteban Jefferson for



When seemingly everything stands against you, weather conditions, language barriers, cultural differences, injuries, it’s who you are in those moments that defines you as a person, an athlete and a friend. Melodrama is a video that stood its ground during all adversity.


Beyond Medals Episode 3 - EU to US

From exploits in France and Switzerland to Oregon, the crew that is gearing up to drop the Future of Yesterday is in the states to bring some global levity to your day.


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