Sunday, 26 June 2022

Dirty Odyssey - January

Dirty Odyssey is brand new project from one of the leading Czech riders Tomas Zejda. During the year you can look forward to new episode every month, footage from all over the world everything from racing, show, party, to building jumps and workouts. Lets peek together on his personal life associated with training, where gym and swimming shouldnt be missing, supported by a strict diet and much more. Document will bring us closer to life of this „professional“ athlete, which is filled with spending days and nights in the car, on the road or sleeping in it and a lot of unsolvable situations.

Filming of the first part called January took place in the German town Leipzig during the Kings of Xtreme exhibition, which was not only about mountain biking but also included BMX, freestyle MX, ATVs, snowmobiles and many more stuff like street motorbikes and backflip on city scooter. That was more than enough for crazy German audience.

Although exhibition took place in Germany, plenty of names on the riders list were from Czech Rep. as Teodor Kováč, Libor Podmol, Tomas Barta and David „potatohead“ Bian.

Stay tuned for more action with new episodes at the end of every month!

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