Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Into The Mind - Ft. Johny Salido

"The idea of traveling to Colorado to film a video first came to our minds on December 2017. Something that just started as an idea, became what has been the greatest project we have ever created. My name is Juan Diego Salido, I am Mexican mountain biker and this is the story of my latest project with my brother and filmmaker Juan Diego DeLaPeña.

Once we knew the location we wanted to film in, it was hard work from there on. It took us a couple of months to present the project to different sponsors, until we gathered the amount we needed. June 21st was the day of our flight. We packed our bags, bikes and camera gear and started our trip to Colorado. After a four hour flight and two hours on the road, the bus made it to Vail, our home for the next 15 days. Paul, a good friend of mine picked us up from the bus station and took us to his place where we unpacked and prepared everything so that we would be ready to head to the mountains the next day."

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