Friday, 2 June 2023

Amsterdamn Am 2011 contest

Check out the images.

Volcom Stone's Amsterdamn Am 2011 in collaboration with SPoTlight productions is now over and delivered as usual some really incredible skateboarding. Not to mention the nocturnal chaos...

In no particular order: Ishod Wair’s skate-ADD syndrome, Tim Zom’s fan club, Daan van der Linden’s manchild skateboarding skills (getting him the Zumiez Destroyer award) to Douwe Macare’s consistency at landing hammers, David Gravette stoner-isms to DJ Wade Party-isms, from the flow of beers to the clouds of smoke, if you were there this weekend you probably have seen it all. Might not remember all of it, even.

If you weren't, or are still recovering from this weekend; here are some of the highlights of the contest. Click HERE to see all the photos and videos from the event.


1. Ishod Wair (5000€)
2. Douwe Macare (2500€)
3. Axel Cruysberghs (1500€)
4. Juan Carlos Aliste (1250€)
5. Kilian Zenhder (1000€)
6. Alec Majerus (500€)
7. Woody Hoogendijk (400€)
8. Eniz Fazilov (300€)
9. Robbin de Wit (200€)
10. Herman Stene (100€)
11. Steffen Austerheim (100€)
12. Adrien Bulard (100€)



Alain Saavedra - Bs flip over de rail. (500€)
Adrien Bulard – Gap to back tail (400€)
Tim Zom – Fs nosegrind pop-over on the rail (300€)
Pedro Roseiro – Gap to noseblunt slide on the rail (200€)
Gav Coughlan – Double laser flip down the stairs (100€)
Zumiez Destroyer Award: Daan Van Der Linden

Click on the image to start slideshow.
Click on the image to start slideshow.
Click on the image to start slideshow.
Click on the image to start slideshow.
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