Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Counterculture - A Skateboarding Film

An Ohio based skateboarding full length video featuring skate spots in Columbus, Athens, Toledo, Indianapolis, Detroit, and more.  Shot from 2016-2020.

Directed / Edited by Jake Venter

Additional Filming
Brandon Kready
Adam Meiring

Skaters (In Order)

-Austin Sexton [1:16]
-Tyler White [6:15]
-Keith Heuring [9:39]
-Tom Carrillo [11:53]
-Brandon Matchick [12:44]
-Tino Boggs [12:53]
-Will Kanwischer [13:37]
-Henry Hofmeister [15:32]
-Jacob Church [16:13]
-Karl Hofmeister [16:52]
-Danny Russell [19:23]
-Jake Lawson [19:49]
-Ben Grossi [20:01]
-Peter Sain [20:08]
-Colby Roseman [20:17]
-Andreau Soptich [20:53]
-Brian Maher [20:56]
-Matt Lewis [21:14]
-Ryan Valicenti [21:20]
-Brendan Donahue [21:27]
-Brett Kime [21:47]
-Aaron Mains [22:55]
-Kyle Boyher [23:51]
-Jake Venter [25:52]
-Clay Edwards [27:50]
-Justing Lecompte [31:57]
-Tyler Kready [35:27]

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