Friday, 2 June 2023

Against The Grain

Once upon a time a girl was born and they named her Tara. Unlike most of us, she would had to go through some unique and hard lessons in life growing up in order to find out who she realy was and her true potential. Over the years and with constant soul searching and perfecting her style and skills, her path led her to become a legendary and the most iconic female human being in snowboarding. This documentary is not new, it came out almost ten years ago. I remember i have searched everywhere to get a hard copy of it but there were few made and i just couldn't get hold of it as it was gone from all stores. I came up with the idea of asking her personaly for a copy, while back then she replied that she was moving out and may had a couple of copies laying in some box, if she would find any then she would mail one to me. Through our chats it all seemed quite personal to her and it sounded like that she wasn't fond about sharing her life documentary just yet, maybe she wasn't ready for it, so i didn't press on it any further, if i would get to watch the whole thing and not just the teasers, it would have to be with her permission. So the years gone by and i forgot about it, in the process we evolved our chats and get to know each other better, i was astonished about how special and motivated she was but at the same time so fragile and a sweetheart. I kept checking out all her new milestones every now and then with excitement, she moved out to Colorado, got married and soon after kids came along, a new major project about her dream house and a new business role while she never stoped exploring for more. Nothing is perfect in life, challenges pop up, but she has a beautiful family now, her husband and her kids are amazing as well. Tara is a true inspiration, a person who changed the map in snowboarding, so humble and so true at the same time. Some people who are into snowboarding and outside the states might be familiar with her, for those who are new to her, guys just watch some history right there, her documentary is now published online. If any of you require a hard copy have a look on Amazon here. For the people going against the grain she would probably recommend to stay still and keep focusing your energy towards your goals, it will all lead to a better place, and her life is just the kind of an example of adapting to change while nurturing your unique spirit can and will eventually get you to dreamland.

Words: Alex.

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