Friday, 15 December 2017

Forum's Jib Park Opening

The Streets, Forum’s next level in ‘terrain park’, is getting set to open its doors in the resort of Seven Springs, Pennsylvania today.

The US is suffering a drought on snow at the moment, with the notable exception of Alaska. But while city jibbers nation-wide twiddle their thumbs until winter hits their streets, Forum has take their Streets to winter.

In the resort of Seven Springs, Pennsylvania Forum and a committed crew of shapers have laboured six-day weeks for three months to recreated the best of urban features on snow. Inspired by Pat Moore and Nic Sauvé this surreal cityscape includes marble hubbas, concrete ledges, straight and kinked stair sets, a creeper, roof gaps to walls, a bus stop, stoppers to drops and a wall ride ender. This is no rail garden or collection of boxes, this is a jibber’s wet dream, where the snow is on point every day and there ain’t no bust factor.

So if you are in the American North East today, the 19th of January, head for Seven Springs, and watch as the likes of Austen Sweetin, Cameron Pierce, Mario Kaeppeli, Nic Sauve, Niko Cioffi, Pat Moore and Stevie Bell knock seven shades out of The Streets. If you can’t make it tomorrow, fear not as the park will be open to the public all season long.

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