Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Invisible Ground is a new film from the creative mind of Elias Elhardt. We’re humbled to be helping bring this film to our audience, discussing heavy topics that hit close to home for anybody who has spent time in the mountains.

After tragic avalanche accidents, Xavier de Le Rue and Elias Elhardt deeply question their motivation for the potentially life-threatening pursuit of freeriding, which they have dedicated themselves to. During several days in the mountains together, they share personal experiences of risk taking and what being vulnerable actually means to them.
By questioning unrealistic ideas of control, Invisible Ground sets out to explore how to obtain a reasonable balance between the love for adventure and a misguided drive to expose oneself.

Directed & Produced: Elias Elhardt
Cinematography & Editing: Chris Kaar, Phil Kaar
In association with: FarFrom
Sound Design & Mastering: Nod Wave Studio
Color: Lukas Ian Cairns
Animation: Zane Oborenko
Archive footage: Guido Perrini

Presented by: Picture Organic Clothing & Smith Optics

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