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Parkoluna 5

Park’o’luna #5  ‘’The Watermelon conspiracy’’.

The park location changed one week before the event due to lack of snow.

It moved to the middle lift at the Halfipipe where few others Lunafest events held in the past.

The shapers did a very hard job in order to build the set up  (2 transfers  at the start  , 2 boxes in the middle and 1 Jump at the end.)

Next to this was the ‘jib session’ with  a Flat down box and the Red Bull A frame.

Everything was ready Friday afternoon when  a local bear passed few meters above  us, like giving us the final ok !!

Saturday morning after setting the Red Bull tent and the Test board tent with the new Nitro, Slash, Jones snowboards & splitboards plus the TSG helmets.

The 38 participants were ready to start practice runs. Between them 3 riders from Bitola  - Fyrom and 2 from Bansko – Bulgaria add  the Balkan vibe to the event.

At the practice run everyone was trying to ‘find’  their tricks to the demanding set up. Unfortunately the temperature rise, made the final jump hard to handle so the judges decided not to count it .

At the final 3 runs we saw some nice tricks like BS 7 from Nikos Plytas and Rodeo 5 from Nontas Logothetis but without clean landings and this gave the opportunity to the 17 year old Nitro team rider Xristos Karpouzas with a line of  a backflip at the transfer and a 50/50 at the box to take the first place at the mens category.

At the second place was Spiros Brahos and at the 3rd place Spiros Pelonias with some stylish fully tweaked 360’s.

At the girls  category in the 1st place was  Slash  team rider Bojana ‘Buji’ Chalakova who came all the way from Bansko – Bulgaria with a crew of 4 riders.

The party of the award ceremony were money prices for the first places and giveaways to the participants came right after the end of the event  at the 360 bar, and an after Party  at the ‘Casa La Mundi ‘hotel later this night until early in the morning.

Next day and after the usual hangover from the previous parties, the riders start the sessions at the jib line showing some nice lines at the flat down box and at the Red Bull A frame.

The best line was announced and it was Marios Karpouzas (Chris older brother)  that performed a 270 front board at the box and a late BS lip at the A frame.

A ‘Watermelon’*  cospiracy held at the #5 Park’o’luna and almost everybody had a good time. See you next year for a greater set up !!!

*   ‘Karpouzi’stands for ‘Watermelon’   in Greek


Slopestyle Mens

1st   Karpouzas Chris

2nd  Brahos Spyros

3rd   Pelonias Spyros

Slopestyle Womens

1st  Chalakova Bojana

Best Jib Line

Karpouzas Marios

*for further information and photos, you may visit

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