Friday, 2 June 2023

Roxy Presents Wilder - Full Movie

In Wilder, Roxy showcases the urban endeavors of their team, and in doing so, highlights some of the best jibbing going on in women's snowboarding. Erin Comstock, Jessi Huege, Joanie Robichaud, Corinne Pasela, and Danyale Patterson have a keen, collective eye for sussing out the less beaten path in the streets and blazing forward with their distinct breed of creative riding. Wilder follows the crew as they traverse the landscape of one another's homes: Quebec, the Midwest, Salt Lake City, and Alaska. The resulting footage is matter-of-fact awesome and displays a unity of style even though each rider is undoubtedly unique in feature and trick selection. The bottom line, beyond the gold medals and the glam, Roxy girls can be gritty. And when they get down to business in the streets, the results of their hard work are damn good.

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