Wednesday, 7 June 2023

2nd Parkoluna briefly video footage

Video footage from 2nd Parkoluna which took place at Vasilitsa1850 challet, Grevena, Greece,
25-27/03/11. This video is filmed from my little camera which is mostly for taking pictures and edited in Windows Movie Maker, so i apologize for any shaking shoots, poor edit and bad quality picture. Some shots taken from the day before the contest, some others are from the warming up trials and of course, all the others are from the actual competition. However, another video will appear in a while from a proper video camera i was using, but this will take some more time. Bulgarian rider Dimitar won the first place and the €500 with a great style! Riders Ouzounis and Badios won the 2nd and the 3rd place respectively. A great thanx to MicroXtreme Crew who made the whole event possible!
The music is from 63high, from an old ureleashed version of the song "University".

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I hope you will enjoy it!

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