Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Mark McMorris Backside Triple Cork 1440

A Regina snowboarder is tearing up the online world after landing a jump that nobody has done before. The video of Mark McMorris completing a move called the backside triple cork 1440 is impressing fans all over the world.

The trick consists of three flips and another full spin. The 17-year-old McMorris landed the jump on the 2nd of March at Snowmass, Colo. during a TransWorld Snowboarding shoot.

"It was the first time I ever tried it," McMorris told ESPN. "I was trying back 14 double corks and it just felt possible ... The first one I landed on my feet, but fell over. The second one I got."

McMorris, who is the son of Saskatchewan Health Minister Don McMorris, won a silver medal at the Slopestyle Winter X games earlier this year.

The video was taken during the sessioning of the public park for the upcoming “Park Sessions” Project coming Fall 2011.

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