Sunday, 17 December 2017

The 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro ended today with a magical finish in incredible 6-8-foot classic Pipeline, with 18-year-old John Florence of Hawaii taking home first place and the $16,000 check for first place.

Today was the third consecutive day of competition for the 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro. They started day three off with hopes of getting through to the quarters, but as the day progressed, the conditions continued to get better so they rolled right into the finals.

The final consisted of three Hawaiian Pipe specialists: John Florence, Jamie O'Brien and Aamion Goodwin, who met up with the lone Californian, Chris Ward for a spectacular final heat. John immediately pulled ahead of the pack within the first five minutes after two great Backdoor barrels, and then followed it up with a 9.93 at Pipe just moments later to secure the lead for the 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro.

Make sure you check out all of the highlights at 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro where you can watch the entire final day along with photos, videos, and warrior stats from each day of the 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro.

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