Τετάρτη, 28 Σεπτέμβριος 2022

Issue #3

Hi Subscriber,

In the third issue of the newsletter we are presenting the newest website section addition, the Regional Forecast pages. You will get accurate weather patters from multiple sources like Windy, Uni. of Athens and MagicSeaWeed in one place so that you never miss a good day for your sport. We gathered the most important information we thought is pretty relevant throughout our experience of checking with the weather conditions on a single place to make it easier without the hassle of having to go to separate sources for the same result, in other words sharing is caring! Check out the Today and Tomorrow Forecast for Greece in the following links:


Today Forecast - Greece

Following that link you will get all the information consisting of 24 hours slideshows starting now.

Tomorrow Forecast - Greece

Following that link you will get all the information consisting of 24 hours slideshows starting in the next 24 hours.


As usual we also gathered the recent article additions of the most exciting news around the world and Greece. We do try to maintain a balance of things in regards to the sports we support, all ten of them! As there is plenty of material generated for some sports on a monthly basis, it seems there is a not so extensive list for others. However we place a great value and effort in supporting all of the sports in the exact same way. For this reason and because you demanded it and we have listened, in the current newsletter picked list you will get more of Windsurfing, Wakeboarding and Rollerblading.


Remember that you can always make a difference if you add your stuff on XBalance by registering and requesting to become a moderator, you can then post your own news, photo and video stories. We apply a promotional based filtering method to assist with retaining your reputation by leaving out non relavant posts that may have been added by others so that everything is neat and on-topic.


We also favor Market Place additions so that we can extensively catalogue the extreme sports related businesses located in Greece. You may apply for a market place moderatorship to present your business if you are an owner once you register, this service is and will remain free. You can help by spreading the word around a little bit. We want to make it easier for everyone to find out more about the services offered or the stuff being sold that they may be interested and in reach so that we can bridge the gap.


Finally, we happily share with you our freshly picked list of articles for your viewing pleasure and wish you a beautiful start of the new fall season . We hear the seashores and mountains calling. Happy new season.


Shaka vibes,
The XBalance Team.


Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” - Full Movie

Eric Jackson and Vantage Cinema present a story about snowboarding, fly-fishing and finding alignment in the mountains.


Jim Greco’s Film - Jobs? Never!!

This new film from the mind and body of Jim Greco is more than just tricks, it’s a glimpse into the soul of one of skateboarding's greatest ambassadors. Enjoy the trip.



Starring modern day snowboarding legend Kazu Kokubo, Kamikazu documents some of the best backcountry riding in history, in deep mountain locations around the globe, from snowboarders hand-selected by Kazu based on style and originality.



In Summer of 2018, The Inertia traveled to El Salvador with Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson, and Lola Mignot, three outstanding women who are inspiring the next generation of ocean lovers through their alternative approach to both surfing and life.


Surfing Perfect Wedge

Jamie O'Brien and pals surfs the Wedge. Handling that particular beast can be demanding as it can swallow, spit, brake you or make you!


Secrets Of The Wind - Karpathos

Exploring with Secrets Of The Wind on magical island of Karpathos, Greece. The island is well known for windsurfing and high winds, the real truth is that it is still fully undiscovered.


Over The Line

Over The Line explores the world of inline skating from the perspective of skater Tom Scofield. Once regarded the fastest growing sport in the world, rollerblading all but disappeared from sight not long after it’s peak in the early 2000’s.


Hyperlite’s Wakes Of Summer

As they rolled into an epic Wakeboarding season with some of their team riders, “Wakes of Summer” emerged.


Windsurfing Diamond Head Oahu

What's it like to windusrf Diamond Head, the birthplace of wavesailing? We follow Paul van Bellen on his recent trip there, where with his mate they captured the vibe on a short film that will get you excited.


Richie Rude Blazes His Own MTB Trails

Two Time Enduro World Series Champion, Richie Rude, sets his sights on blazing a new trail in the Northern Tip of New England to plant a seed for future MTB riders and bring world class mountain bike race events to his back yard at Burke Mountain.


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