Monday, 18 June 2018
  • 1st HSSA National Surf Tour 2018

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    The 1st ISA World Surfing Games Qualifier that was organized by HSSA (Hellenic Sup and Surf Association) sponsored by GLOBE while supported by SOOK Board Family and Discovering Crete at Palaiochora on the beautiful island of Crete has been completed.

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  • In Some Far Island - Salty Drop

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    In some far Island.

    Kostas Kostopoulos
    Pantelis Papagiano
    Bjorno theLegend

    Film | Edit
    Yannis Kritikos

    Feel The Surfness

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  • Pedro’s Bay

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    What is the legend of the enchanted Pedro's Bay?

    A secret whispered from one to the next. Somewhere on an island far, far away is a parallel life on a forgotten beach—with emerald waves and mushroom forests. Where toucans talk and trees grow full of fruit. Where wine trickles off rocks and mermaid lagoons meet black jungles.
    The sun shines here everyday.

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  • Sliding Into The Light

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    “Sliding into the Light,” a new short film featuring Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, is a meditation on loss, renewal, and our connection to the sea. From childhood to motherhood, the film explores the challenges of femininity and the strength and support that the ocean provides.

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  • Check out the video.

    Greece wouldn't be your first bet when choosing a surf destination. Marlon Lipke, Yannick De Jager and Gony Zubizarreta have had an eye on this dreamy Mediterranean location for years now. Unfortunately they never found the opportunity to attempt the travel. Chances to score are always very low considering the consistency of swells and the difficulty to predict conditions.

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