Monday, 21 September 2020
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Turn Of Mind

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"Going up on a splitboard, slow by nature, you start to gaze around. With not much to do, your mind wanders freely”. Intrigued by a deep connection with nature, Patagonia ambassador Nicholas Wolken spent time in the Swiss mountains with his splitboard, good friends and an open mind. He shares his story in Patagonia's new film Turn of Mind.

Against The Grain

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Once upon a time a girl was born and they named her Tara. Unlike most of us, she would had to go through some unique and hard lessons in life growing up in order to find out who she realy was and her true potential. Over the years and with constant soul searching and perfecting her style and skills, her path led her to become a legendary and the most iconic female human being in snowboarding.

The Way Home - Full Film

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Follow along as Hana Beaman and Mary Rand journey from Alaska to Washington in their new Ford Ranger, snowboarding, surfing, skating, and biking as they go.

Yeah, Nah - A Snowboard Film

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"Yeah, Nah" is a short snowboard film showcasing several riders as they make the most of the 2019 winter season in Western Canada.

Featuring riding from Zach Heinricks, Adam Hansen, Chase Mossing, Brodie Hill, Connor Lengkeek, Shaun Dodd, "Timbit", Gage Matis, and more in locations such as Revelstoke, Edmonton, Fernie, Cypress Hills, and Jasper (plus others!).


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Contradiction and addiction – both blend into one when it comes to the passion snowboarding. Elias pursues the questions which are most important to him. How can you bring Snowboarding in line with a responsible life? How can you deal with the contradictions which come along? How about the ecological footprint?

Kings and Queens of Corbet's 2019

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Jackson Hole’s Kings and Queens of Corbet’s is without a doubt one of the most progressive events in the snow world. Set in the famed Corbet’s Couloir on Jackson’s peak, today’s top snowboarders and skiers send themselves through the air off the iconic drop and into a course of jumps and features below.

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