Thursday, 19 September 2019
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Arctic Lights

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Professional snowboarder Antti Autti is dependent on snowboarding. For Antti, it is a passion, but for his closest ones, it is an obsession. He has been chasing snow and mountains at the expense of everything else. But when does an absolute dedication, for one thing, start to take a toll on other important things in life?

Antti Autti - Full Part 2015

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We are all products of our environment. In Finland it means that snowboarding in the mountains is almost as rare as catching waves in baltic sea. Not too many people do it. When I was growing up all I wanted to do was to learn new tricks but when I began to ride backcountry, I needed to start think differently about my snowboarding. Suddenly it was not only about take off, airtime & landing.

Stale Sandbech 2015

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Edited by - Leo Cittadella (
Filmed by - Leo Cittadella, Frode Sandbech.
Additinoal Filmers - Kristofer Fahlgren, Olav Stubberud, Matt Pain, Marcus skin.
Music: Kid Cudi & Florence And The Machine - Falling Star (R3K Remix).

Turn And Burn Part Three - Alaska

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Turning and Burning in Haines, Alaska with Beau Bishop and Andrew Burns.

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Snowboarding, traveling and searching different environments for new places to ride.
For them this movie represents a different direction. A return to the reasons why they started and why they'll never stop. A search for new lines in the city and backcountry environments.

Mediocre Madness

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A 20-man-strong springtime snowboard road trip through the great state of Oregon with the goal of getting after any and all activities along the way. From Portland, OR, to the Cinder Cone, to Mt. Hood, to Bend, to Mt Bachelor and eventually the Oregon Coast.

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