Sunday, 16 June 2019
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Greeced Up

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10 days in Athens, Greece with Pass~Port

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Silver Era, the new skateboarding video of the Drop Dead Skateboard, comes to re-establish the standard of the brand that for more than 27 years lives the skateboard running in the veins and has undergone an extensive transformation over the last few years.

Santa Cruz's - Til The End

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It's been a while till we watched a skateboard film that made us want to go out and skate, this one sets it. To say the Santa Cruz squad is stacked is an understatement. This vid showcases some soon-to-be household names, as well as the OGs. Now sit back and enjoy this feature presentation.

The YS Video

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Featuring Charlie Birch, Curtis Pearl, Julian Kimura, Kyle Wilson and Sam Sitayeb.
Filmed by Dan Kreitem and Austin Bristow.

Refined Vandalism

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"Refined Vandalism" / Εξευγενισμένος Βανδαλισμός" 2017.

Featuring Notis Aggelis, Filippos Fotiadis, Thomas Kolousis, George Patias, Robi Ehiwe, Dimitris Kamperis, Jonas Strecke, Nils Leibeling, Giorgio Zavos, Mehmet Demir, Antonis Lorentzos, Giannis Fessas.

Filmed and edited : George Patias

Jeremy Jones - Pure Controlled Freefall

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Big mountain free rider tames the dragon on this uncut descent in Alaska.

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