Thursday, 20 June 2019
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Set In Stone: Sheffield

Check out the video.

Kingpin magazine in association with Carhart and Emerica presents the 'Set In Stone' at Sheffield where the locals clean up an area to transform it into a brand new skatepark. A film by Sam Bailey powered by Mpora media.

Micro Xtreme Throw Aways

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Some of the recent throw away footage of Micro Xtreme's riders team filmed by Kostas Mandilas. Featuring in shots are Giotis Gordios, Michalis Karagiannhs, Kostantinos Mavridis, Vaggelis Markogiannakis and Thomas Kolousis.

5Boro NYC Join Or Die

Check out the video.

While the full video is coming on February the 16th you can taste the teaser of what's it like street skating around New York's suburbs.

Check out more about 5BORO here

Tony Hawk's 2012 part

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Tony Hawk continues to motivate people into skating by releasing a new part for 2012. Having a skateboarding legend on his forty third year busting moves like he is on his twenties could be interpreted as the statement "I am still here as i ever was". Enjoy the recent skate footage shot in California, Sweden and China by Jared Prindle and Jesse Fritsch.

Check out the video.

Homeboy Thomas Kolousis gets introduced by Lakai with a welcome video on its Greek team. Irresistible style comes with lots of practice, after all practicing makes perfect. Surely but steadily Lakai Greece's team is heating up and raising the bar for the local standards. We are glad when fully deserving dudes have the chance to stand out and lay down the path on making dreams come true.

Circa Is...Chris Loupis

Check out the video.

Circa Greece proudly welcomes Chris Loupis on the team.

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