Tuesday, 18 June 2019
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Heroes Square Documentary

Check out the video.

Check out this beautiful and informative short video documentary Alex Tsagamilis made a while ago for the Heroes Square skate spot in Athens.

Coalatree Shredding In Mexico City

Check out the video.

Riders Zach Lyons, Ryan Spencer and Ryan Lay explore and skate Mexico City.

Visualtraveling - The Persian Version

Check out the video.

Skating has taken root all over the world for decades now. Except in Iran. This is an incredible first-look at a country essentially experiencing skating for the first time.

Dekline - Douwe Macare

Check out the video.

Dekline footwear introduces Douwe Macare. As you can see in the video Douwe will skate on Dekline shoes from now on. All tricks where filmed by Huub Slinger during a one week trip to Mallorca.

Check out the video.

Last summer Sosh teamed up with Desillusion and endless skateboarder/traveler Samuel Partaix to present ‘Let Yourself Go’.
The aim of the game: To give someone the opportunity to share the ultimate experience in one of 8 destinations worldwide, by joining SOSH, Desillusion and Samuel Partaix on a voyage to one of the world’s most inspiring locations.

The ATH Documentary

Check out the video.

The ATH is a documentary about the city we love and skate. Starring Vagellis Markogiannakis, Mike Vasilakis, Giorgio Zavos, Chris Loupis, Dicky Bury, Thomas Kolousis and Giotis Gordios. Narrated by Aris Tsirgiotis. An independent and NON PROFIT film by Kostas Mandilas.

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