Monday, 26 August 2019
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The Great Boarders skateboard contest

Check out the video.

The Great Boarders Greek skateboarding championship powered by Frulite on the Go was a big time success for the participators as well as the attendants that gathered around that sunny day.

Winners were: Nikos Molochtos at the Hubba, Arthour Kiviliof at the Box, Thanos Panou at the Rail/Gap and Notis Aggelis the Man of The Day.

Crossroads Park Best Trick Contest

Check out the video.

Crossroads Park Best Trick Contest event video during the 29th of January at California with 10K $ purse prize, including some supercharged crazy tricks if not most of them, created by Alex Heskett, Anthony Travis, Mike Gilbert, Lannie Rhoades, and Ian Berry.

SoulisHarisis Kickflip Nose Manual

Check out the video.

I did this Kickflip Nose Manual at the no more existing spot "Lil Alek" at Aristoteleio University back in 2004. 


Check out the video.

Stevie the kid

mini ramp

Check out the video.

Small mini session at one of the best skateshops in Greece!!!

Aristotelous session

Check out the video.

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