Wednesday, 22 March 2023
  • Never The Last - Cape Verde

    Check out the video.

    After Victor Fernandez won his first World Championship Title in 2010 in Cape Verde, he finally made it back to show us why he is the current PWA Waves World Champion. He took with him Chris from cc.films to capture the best moments for you.

    Rider: Victor Fernandez
    Film & edit: Chris Czadilek
    Photo: Manuela Jungo

  • Secrets Of The Wind - Karpathos

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    Exploring with Secrets Of The Wind on magical island of Karpathos, Greece. The island is well known for windsurfing and high winds, the real truth is that it is still fully undiscovered. Totally different nature on every corner, strong tradition and habits, amazing home made food and incredible beautiful untouched beaches, definitely a unique place to visit.

  • Windsurfing Diamond Head Oahu

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    What's it like to windusrf Diamond Head, the birthplace of wavesailing? We follow Paul van Bellen on his recent trip there, where with his mate they captured the vibe on a short film that will get you excited. There was wind every day even though at times it was light you could still catch waves.

  • Marcilio Browne Hawaii 2013

    Check out the video.

    Marcilio Browne shows his wonderful skills in this windsurf video! Enjoy the level!

  • Planet Blow - The Dark Lines

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    Ever stood on the edge? Sylvain Demercastel shows us the flip side of a surfing trip for the very first time and produces an ecological science fiction film that "shocks" and opens our eyes to the extent of the impending disaster.

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